Videos and Resource Packages

How many videos can I sign up for at once?

  • As many as you want! Keep in mind that the videos are limited to a rental of three months from the date of purchase. 

Can I purchase only the video or program guide instead of purchasing both?

  • You cannot purchase them separately, however there is no obligation to use the guide. The program guide was created based on the video content and can be used to enrich the student experience and understanding of topics. The program guide is not a step-by-step lesson plan, so you can use it to spark other ideas!

I teach a different grade/subject, but there isn’t a package for my grade level, can I still use the ones here?

  • Yes! While the program guide is focused on specific grades and units in the Programs of Study, you can easily adapt the activities to be relevant to your grade and subject. The program guides are also filled with descriptions of the presenter’s work, classroom prompts, warm-up activities, and further resources. Furthermore, the videos do not mention specific curriculum outcomes. 

I don’t teach in Alberta, is this still appropriate to use in other provinces? 

  • Yes! While the program guides have been built with the Alberta Science Program of Study outcomes in mind, the contents are adaptable to curriculum in other provinces. 

Live Q&A Sessions

What platform will be used for the Q&As? 

  • The Q&A sessions will be conducted over Zoom Webinar. You will receive a link via email the day before the session to allow you to connect. 

Do I have to purchase a Q&A?

  • No. However, the Q&A is designed to create a deeper understanding of the topics discussed in the video and program guide, and will provide a more intimate and detailed discussion with the presenter(s).

Will there be more Q&A session dates/times available?

  • At this time, only the sessions listed are available. As we upload more content with new presenters, we may be adding Q&A sessions, so be sure to check back regularly!

Is there a limit on how many classes can sign up for the Q&As?

  • Yes. Once all the available seats have been filled you will no longer see that Q&A available for purchase.

My class has had to isolate and we are now working online, can we still attend the Q&A?

  • Yes. When possible, please contact us prior to the Q&A date to inform us of how many students will be logging into the webinar. You can email schools@beakerhead.com


Do you provide support for low-income individuals or schools who would like to access this program?

  • Yes. Currently, we are asking individuals and schools to self-identify. For more information, please contact us directly at schools@beakerhead.com.

I have already planned out the rest of my course, how can I fit this into my year plan?

  • Digital Discussions was designed to be adaptable and suit your classroom structure. Find the unit that this video would fit best into and then incorporate it into your lessons. The videos are split up into three chunks to fit easily into a shorter class or to use as an additional activity to your regular plan. The program guide is filled with resources, prompts, and activities that vary greatly in length. You can use the prompts for short warm-up activities, check out a further resource as a supplementary activity to your current lesson plan, or even do an art-focused activity when you feel your students need a break. 

I purchased a program guide, but I can’t find it. 

  • The program guide can be found under the “Resources” tab on the main page for the video you purchased. 

I can’t access my video, how can I get help? 

  • We’re sorry that you are having difficulty. Please send us an email to schools@beakerhead.com and one of our staff will connect with you to help.

I have some questions or comments that weren’t addressed in this FAQ, how can I speak to a Beakerhead staff member?